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Solar Cells

2V 40mA "Solar Cockroach" Solar Cell

This small solar cell is encased in plastic and puts out 2V at 40mA.  Specifications: Dimensions: 60mm x 30mm Soldering tabs located on back of cell


4V 60mA Solar Cell

This small solar cell puts out 4V at 60mA and fits perfectly inside an Altoids tin. Specifications: Dimensions: 58mm x 54mm Labeled positive and negative soldering points on back Mounted on hard plastic

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6v 200mA Solar Cell

In need of a powerful cell to charge up some batteries? Or possibly a USB device? Look no further than this powerful 6V 200mA solar cell. Specifications: Dimensions: Solder tabs on back  Encased in hard plastic

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20W 12V Folding Solar Panel

This compact 20W Folding Solar Cell features the same light-weight, high-quality functions as our USB Solar Cell yet can output up to 18V. Using the built in housing assembly, you can easily attach whatever kind of connector your 12V project needs or change connector types with ease.  For advanced users only.  Do not try charging USB gadgets with this product.  Works best with a 12V Charge Controller and a 12V Lead Acid Battery, such as the op...

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6V 80mA Solar Cell

A little cell with quite the kick.  Outputs 6V at 80mA.   Measures only 73mm x 53mm.  Has solder tabs on the back.  Encased inside a hard plastic, making it tough.  Not unlike an alley cat.  Tough.  Yet sweet.  Like a candy Apple.  So maybe you could call it the Candy Crab Apple of the solar cells on this site. 

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