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Solar Cockroach Kit

The Solar Cockroach is a little bug that uses the solar energy to power a vibrating motor. The vibrations from the motor travel down the legs, causing the bug to scoot around. These little vibrating bugs are essential tools for teaching beginning soldering lessons to students and adults of all ages. This project also offers a lesson in solar energy, motion, and vibration. Simply place the completed Solar Cockroach in the sun and watch it vibra...

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Solar Racer

These solar cars are a ton of fun to build and paint! An adjustable 6V solar panel provides plenty of power, and interchangeable gears let you adjust the torque.

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Solar Science Station

The Solar Science Station is a non-soldering solar USB charger. Use it as a tool for recording solar data in the classroom and as a power supply for gadgets. We've designed it around a large 5.5V 320mA solar cell that sits on a rotating axis (with degree measures), so you can adjust the angle. We have also engraved degree measures on the side. Record heaps of scientific data by having students measure the angle in degrees, the time of day, and...

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Single Axis Solar Tracker

The Single Axis Solar Tracker follows the sun across the sky to collect as much energy as possible. It features a main solar cell and volt meter to gather data, and two smaller solar cells to power the motor.  The Single Axis Tracker is controlled by some simple physics. A single geared motor turns the main panel towards the sun. Two small solar panels are attached to a motor, in opposite polarity. When Panel A is producing power, the motor tu...


Dual Axis "Smart" Solar Tracker

Create your own computer controller dual axis solar tracker in under and hour, using only a screw driver. The sun is awesome, and so is solar electric power generation.  Unforately for solar panels, the sun moves.  To counter this you can make a tracker that follows the sun and allows for even greater energy production. We accomplish this by using two micro servos, four sensors, an Arduino Uno, custom laser cut wood, and a whole lot of screws....


Solar USB Kit 1.0

Build time : 30 to 60 minutes Suitable for : grades 8+ Requires basic soldering knowledge This kit provides everything needed to build a USB solar charger that can charge small electronic devices. Solar energy charges up the internal batteries, which in turn can be used to charge up your USB devices. We ship each kit with a 4V at 60mA solar cell, as it fits nicely into an Altoids tin.  Tools Needed: Soldering Iron Hot Glue Gun Note: This k...


Solar USB Kit 2.0

Teach any child or student the power of solar energy by building a USB solar charger! The finished charger is capable of charging small electronic devices. Two rechargeable AA batteries, that when soldered to the solar panel, create a charging circuit that allows solar energy to be stored in the batteries. A Baltic Birch enclosure houses all of the internal parts and is held together by screws. We recommend painting or staining your enclosure ...


Solar Bug Kit

Our Solar Bugs teach how solar power can be converted into motion. By connecting a 2V solar cell  directly to the vibrating motor, we've created a small solar project that can be used to a number of different concepts. When placed in sunlight, the vibrating motor causes the bug to wiggle around. This project allows students to flex their creative muscles while also learning about solar power, motion, and vibration. We recommend personalizing y...

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Solar Lantern Electronics Only - Non Soldering

This kit has replaced our old Advanced Dark Detecting Kit. With this kit you can build your very own dark detecting solar light. Using a simple analogue dark detecting circuit combined with the popular joule thief circuit you can build your own never ending light source. A great project for adults and kids alike. This version is Non Soldering and only requires a screw driver and wire stripper to complete.  Spice things up by putting this proje...

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